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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stand Up and Fight!

     It is so easy to get in the flesh, living out our fleshly nature.  But that is not the way for a true born again spirit-filled Christian to live...By the Spirit of God inside of us, we put to death the deeds of the is that simple.  We cannot fight the fleshly desires by staying in it but by allowing the Spirit of God that resides within us to overcome by the blood of the spotless lamb. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit.  We should not be full of carnality.           

     We have to push through the crud by the Spirit of God. We have a real live threat and that is Satan and his forces of darkness. If you doubt the spirit-realm and it's reality you will always fight a losing battle, You have to identify who your real enemy is, and that is not a human being.  You also have to recognize your victor and that is Jesus Christ. He is the Lion of Judah that resides in our hearts that gives us bold victories!  I pray He can reveal these truths to you.

     I wish I had known this when I first became a Christian. You cant brush things under the rug, you need the full truth of the word of God.

     The enemy of your souls wants to dig up as much dirt as possible on you. Why? He is out to destroy your character. All the godly characteristics in you are from God. You know full well what they are. The righteousness of God resides in each one of His children!  We have no goodness or righteousness on our own. The Scriptures say that our righteousness is as filthy rags to the Lord.  

     Satan wants you to look at your sin, and throw in the towel. He wants you to take the easy way out and grovel in the mud and mire. He doesn't want you to move on, he wants you to stay in  your corruption...

     God wants you to look at His Son and what He has done. Through Jesus Christ we have been delivered and set free from the darkness of hell into God's marvelous light! We have been brought by the price of the spilled blood on the cross of Calvary! This is not a small thing, but it is a giant deliverance from the grip of the prince of darkness! We should not have any problem looking and lovingly putting the lover of our souls first place in our life. It's when we have lost sight of this is when the enemy comes strong to distract us... that we need to give the victory completely to Jesus. He will stand strong and bring us forth as Champions!

     To sum it all up, I want to say, "Stand up and fight!" Do not let the enemy run all over you with past sins and mistakes.  Trust me He will bring out all the artillery.  Stand-firm and steadfastly fight the fight of faith! and watch the enemy and his minions flee from your life!  You will not regret it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What are You Focusing on?

     I am far from being a pastor. But when I originally started this blog, it was my heart's desire for it to be a way I could express what God was putting on my heart to share. My blog in its own earthly way may be the only pulpit I will probably ever have in this life.

     In the course of this blog's creation since 2012, I have lost my perspective and what is really important. That is to share what I feel like God is showing me to build up and encourage other believers who are downcast and despondent.  To give courage with what I have been through that I may be able to reach out and help someone else in the process of my writing from the inspiration of God.

     I know that "losing our perspective" can happen to the best of us.  We lose sight of what really matters.  We can go through a "bad experience" and quit doing what God would have us do. The thing about being called by God is He doesn't let you go that easy.  He requires us to dig deep into our hearts and find Him! His vast treasures of His grace lies with in us, and not out in some far away universe light years away from us, but right within our hearts!

     I am here to tell you that this blog is far from being shut down or deleted. No matter what happens to me tomorrow or next year. what I have written is already published here on the net and more than likely will be by those who need to read it.  Whether I write a best seller or not, is not really important in the grand scheme of things, but writing down what God wants me to say is my whole purpose of this blog.

     So what do you do when you really want to change your perspective?  Our priorities are closely related to our perspective. Our focus is important and finally our true motives test them all.

     I really believe that when our priorities are out of line that causes us to lose our focus. What we are focusing is the wrong priority.  Our motives should be God-centered. I believe that will effect our priorities. If we love Him it will be to honor him as our first priority.  I believe there is the domino effect right there. 

     I have had to dig deep and check my motives, and the Lord has been gracious enough to show me this tonight as I have set at the computer. My motives were not God-honoring. It affected my priorities and my focus and my attitude...

     Father help those out there who may have lost sight of their priorities. Help them to honor you with all their hearts. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Psalms 139:23-24

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Breaking out of the Box...

     During worship service this morning, I felt led to pray and ask that God would break open the church and pour love out of us as worship to Jesus... (Not literally break into the church. HA.) But that God's people would by-pass the limits of the mind and body and worship God.  I  believe the finite mind cannot overrule the infinite move of God. God's Spirit will move regardless if we do or not.  God is working overtime to break us open, so that we can lavish our love upon Jesus!

     Do we stifle and limit God putting Him in a box? Do we also put revival in a box and say "No Lord, I cant raise my hands, or even fall on my face they all will think I have lost my mind!"   Whatever God tells us to do we should be obedient to do it, no matter how crazy people think we are.  Are we ruled by what people think of us? We know full well what GOD thinks of us! For we ultimately are the bride of Jesus Christ!

     Do we deplete our own worship by not being obedient to God? Do we run dry?  Think about it... 

     It is time to break out of acting too dignified and seek the face of God with our whole hearts. One person being obedient in their worship could change the course of the whole service...Imagine if you will, 10 or more people breaking out with in a service? Talk about a breakout. WE need to start a epidemic of "breakouts" across this land...

     I believe the true key to revival is when we are broken out of our cages of tradition and spilled out over into the worship of God. What is it going to take for churches to experience a powerful revival? What is going to get us out into the aisles, and in the altars? The churches should be full and revival should be going on in every service.  It is going to take a total abandonment of our selfish desires and a heart completely sold out to God and His word!  A passionate pursuit to live in the very Presence of God.

     A lot of people are desiring a move of God in the church and in their own personal lives but few are experiencing the effects.

     I believe that the atmosphere of worship is changed when we-the Church-take those steps out in faith that God is going to move if we move.  

     It is time to step out of the norm into the supernatural move of God's grace. Allow God to break us open that we can pour out our worship in spirit and truth. Do something different.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Memorial to Prophet George Pennicuff

     This is the first sleepless night I have had in quiet a while. Seems like this is the only serene time that I get inspiration from God, and sense Him wanting me to write....I had another great internet friend pass away. I heard from George Pennicuff's wife Mariver early yesterday morning through Facebook message that he had went on the be with the Lord. I have been saddened and in shock. When I get this kind of news it takes a while for it to sink in.

     This morning I am sensing the loss of this great man of faith that God brought into my life for a season such as this... I really looked up to George and our talks.  I have gleaned from this prophet of God's words since 1999.  He didn't gloss over the gospel, He gave it to you straight from God's mouth.

     George was very much overlooked in the body of Christ. But He was true and stuck to his calling to the end. He stood alone, but yet He stood, and He stood-firm to the very end. I know He loved the Lord Jesus and right now, I can only imagine the talks He is having with Jesus! Jesus please tell George that I am thinking of him right now. Tell him that his life spoke volumes to me, and I pray that when I pass over into glory, that I can say of my life that I did all I could to stand on that mountain proclaiming the words of God!

I will miss you on the internet George, I know that you seeked sincere friendships just like I do.

     When I meet and become true Christian friends with someone there is a spiritual connection, and a special kinship that should be treasured.  All too often though we pull away, but true friends stick close.

      I know that George is experiencing glory we cant even fathom...Blessings on you brother til that day we meet again in glory.

~bro rich

This song was playing on my phone this morning when I first heard the news of brother George.   I pray that you sense the nearness of God in this song...


Thursday, June 5, 2014

I am amazed....


 Here I am Lord in the still of the morning hour.  
                                  Longing to hear from You and to sense Your mighty touch.  
Wanting to give you more than I ever have.

Your peace flows free,
my mind is at ease
as Your rivers never cease ...

Still I seek you 
My soul searches high and low
until I find your resting place
in the shadow 
of your wings

I am overwhelmed
from Your loving kindness

You amaze me
You are my faithful Father
and I am your son.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Getting God's Grit!!!

     I hate to sound like a broken record repeatedly writing about the same stuff, but here lately I have not been motivated or inspired to write. My time with God has suffered greatly because of my increasing issue with lethargy. I hate to say that, but yes, I am admitting that I have a problem getting in gear and going with God.  It seems here lately it has taken over my life. I am even losing interest in internet and Facebook time which is quite unusual for me. You can actually spend time with God on the internet and yes even on Facebook, as the Lord leads...

     I hope to inspire others by this writing who may not know what is really bothering them, and hope to help them to get back on-track with God. 

     In a way I have fell off the wagon. I need to reach out and get you to pray, brothers and sisters. God is my strength and I have overcame many things in the last several years of my life. It seems for lack of some reason or another I have been lulled into a spell of laziness by none other than the enemy of my soul. If he can not get to you one way, he tries other things to get you distracted on what is really important...

     It is one thing to let go and let God, and let Him take control. But that doesn't mean to sit around doing nothing.  I need to go with God wherever He leads me.  Allowing His hands to take the wheel, and yet being alert and sober-minded with whats going on around me in the direction that He is taking me....The Word of God says to be alert, for the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. There is a balance in all things, and I ask you to pray that I find that which glorifies God.

     The grace of God does not give us the a free license to do whatever we want. His grace enables us to rise up and be all that we can be in God!   In God, He is our everything! If we have Christ Jesus abiding in our heart then we have everything we need to live a  righteous and holy and godly life in Him!  It is nothing in us, but everything in Him that helps us to keep on keeping on.  He gives us spiritual strength and stamina to endure the race. It is never easy to admit when we have fallen.  That is the first step toward reconciliation with the Holy Spirit. It grieves Him when we step into sin, He has to graciously step away until He helps us realize that we have fallen. Then He gently comes and fills us with God's goodness and grace.

   It wouldn't be by our own ability to do those things He has called us to do,  but only by "God's holy grit" will we endure to the end.  God's grit working deep inside us enabling our hearts to rise up and stand strong in our spiritual walk with Him.  In other words His courage and resolve, His humble character in me --- calling me out of this lull into the river of His grace washing away my sin and shame!

I encourage you to allow "God's grit" to take over  your life.   Its not going to be easy, but so much worth to find peace and quality in God.   I pray that you feel rejuvenated by God's very Spirit, and I hope this writing will help you to do what God has called you to do! Don't give in and do not give up,  God is with you to the end!

Happy Trails

Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting Back on Track...

     Here in the last several weeks, I have lacked the inspiration to write for several reasons that have caused me to experience a certain amount of lethargy. I did not know what was going on until the Lord spoke the word in my heart, then I really knew when I looked it up in the dictionary that this was what I was experiencing.

     It seems like here lately I was going through the motions but lacking the motivation for pursuing spiritual things that would cause me to be uplifted and give me the victory in Jesus to make it through this tough time. I believe I have fell victim to the flesh. That is not a good thing for me as it can lead me to depression and anxiety as other pitfalls that could be disastrous to my well-being. There is much more to lethargy than laziness. It's a lack of zeal and energy to do those things God has called you to do. 

     I know in my spirit-man, I always have a strength in God that encourages me to press on through the muck and mire and find that powerful deliverance that only comes by abiding the Presence of the Lord, and that is where we all need to find shelter in God. He should be "living inside" our hearts, flowing out to those we come in contact with through our day as a witness and manifestation of His grace only by the Mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

     Lethargy in my book is not getting the proper rest. Instead of dwelling in the shadow of the almighty we are in fact being lulled into a web of laziness by the enemy. I call it barely existing through the day, not caring, nor having a passion for God.  Just when we are making strides in God's kingdom, something always comes up to snare us and lure us to walk in our fleshly nature. As a Spirit-filled Christian we have an obligation to be clothed and operate in the Spirit realm while living in this mortal body.

    In our flesh or when we get in the flesh, it causes us to get our feelings in the way, and a lot of the times that is when we get offended and easily hurt. I can remember times in my past when I have walked in the flesh. I only made it tougher on Richard, not anyone else.  We do need to reach out and touch God, then He will reach out to us in His power and might restoring  and delivering us from the hand of the enemy. Still we cannot trust the flesh, but lean wholly upon Jesus Christ.

     We must crucify the flesh everyday. It's a every second of every minute awareness that things cannot go our way all the time. This is for every Christian not for a select few.  The word says that all have sinned.  We all have to crucify our flesh, for there is no righteousness apart from God in all our doings.  Our selfishness must be nailed to the His Spirit we can live a resurrected lifestyle. Is it going to be easy? No. It will be worth it in the long run to stay plugged into God and what He is doing in the church today.

     I have even toned down quite a bit on my Facebook time. If God has put me on Facebook to share his message I should not let anyone or anything detour me from spreading the message of hope and grace that is in my heart.  If people un-friend me that is there business, not mine. I believe God has put me to be a minister the "Light of Christ" to internet friends, classmates, and family.  I should not have to hide my beliefs and convictions from them, but if they feel as if my "likes" and "shares" are annoying then anyone can unfriend me at anytime. I allow God to lead me not man, and I believe He is planting his seeds of hope and encouragement through yes, even Facebook...

     Maybe you too have been experiencing lethargy that are keeping you from using spiritual gifts and talents for the Lord... I encourage you to stand firm in what God has called you to do, relying and standing on His Word, so be uplifted in the name of Jesus. I pray that your spirit-man will rise up and snuff out that lethargy at the root, and to be all that God has called you to be.  Don't allow man or even the things of this world to make you lose your perspective.  

"Jesus be Jesus in me, No longer me Lord but Thee. Resurrection power fill me this hour...Jesus be Jesus in me!"

Be Blessed,

Romans 8