Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Word Given By: Judy Scurr 2/25/2015

 i see you as having a gentle and kind heart. Often others might look at you and wonder what is going on with you but God says that there is lots going on with you. He is walking along side of you and together you and He are walking and talking, stopping and pondering on the things going on in your personal life and life that is alla round you. You are a listener and He has given you the ability to hear what people are actually saying. They feel the peace and presence of the Lord when they are around you. Often you might not see that but others do. There is much growth happening inside of you and you don't have to make waves to have waves happening all around you, because it is the Holy Spirit that goes before you and prepares the way for you. You are approachable and people will be drawn to your gentleness. You are a safe person to be around. You will be going through a stretching time which will seem a bit uncomfortable but it's all good. God has a big plan for your life. Rest in what He is doing in this hour and you will see more doors and adventures opening up to you just around the corner

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kick Him Out!!!


     Do you feel like a house that has been condemned when the Lord Jesus has made your heart His home?  The word of God says that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Our bodies are actually temples that house the Holy Spirit.  When we allow God to fill us on a daily basis that is when the reconstruction of our lives really start.

     Jesus is the great renovator that tore out all the junk and debris.  Satan left our heart in a shambles.  Our Jesus paid a debt He did not owe by being crucified and dying on the cross, and rising on the third day, That very process "evicted" satan from the premises of "all we own."  The blood of Jesus has rendered the enemy powerless! The eviction notice was written in the blood of the lamb, rendering the enemy powerless to stay! Amen satan has left the Jesus can work on our hearts.

     Looking up the word evict, we find that it comes from the Latin word meaning "conquer." Evict means to expel (a person, especially a tenant) from land, a building, etc., by legal process, as for nonpayment of rent. If that doesn't speak volumes to you about kicking satan out of your life once and for all... "I'm not sure what else to tell you?" Jesus had delivered satan the final Eviction Notice, for he has to go he cannot stay any longer. He has no legal rights to your house(body, mind and soul) once Jesus FULLY takes over your heart.   He was just a ratty tenant, that doesn't even own the property, that is YOU  I'm taking about... your soul and body!! My prayer is that you allow God to be your demolition derby to gut out your house.  Satan has wrecked us and left us in disarray even our brothers and sisters in Christ long enough. Call his bluff, has not he lied to you long enough?

     Jesus in ALL His grace and mercy laid out the floor plans. His word is the blueprint that redesigns our lives.  It may take God a little time to remodel our lives according to the likeness of Jesus, but that’s where He teaches us His wisdom and patience.

     It is a painful and necessary process to tear out the old sinful habits and patterns, so that He can replace it with the newness of life. He really needs us to repent and it all go so that the Father God can do His perfect work...  The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life though His son Jesus Christ.  The effects of sin almost destroyed us. At times it may feel like all that is left is the foundation, but God in his infinite greatness remodels, renovates, regenerates and restores us building up and making all things new.  the Holy Spirit should be your new owner.  Walk and talk in the Holy Spirit and do not fulfil the desires of the fleshly nature. It has been demolished by the power of Holy Spirit.

     God gracefully redesigns us from the floor up, and not only that, He makes all things in our heart clean and new. He gives us a firm foundation on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.  Let God take complete control, Kick Satan our of your life once and for all.

That doesn't mean that the enemy of our soul will not be lurking around and observing looking for a loophole....Be vigilant and sober minded.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Greatest Weapon...


     When we kneel in prayer, no evil force can even stand against us. It must crumble and disintegrate before the presence of Jehovah... As we yield and submit our lives to God humbling our hearts, He takes over the situations and circumstances around us and works them out for our good.  Can you imagine the warfare going forth in the spirit realm for the person or persons we are praying for?  Our carnal minds just are not able to grasp what is really going on behind the scenes.

      It does not matter how you kneel just so you do it.  "I see a vision of a person yielded and humbled before God. I see a person kneeling before God. and I see a golden sword wielding around this person who is intently gazing upon the face of God tearing out his heart intently praying for God to move... "

     I just looked up the word wielding in the online dictionary and there are two really good definitions:

1. To handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease.
2. To exercise (authority or influence, for example) effectively.

     To handle our "weapon"  we have been given effectively and skillfully, I believe that is when we are bowed before Jesus in prayer, for that is the greatest weapon against the forces of darkness in our lives.  When we go forth into intercession before God we go as a well equipped soldier of the King.  

     The enemy would like nothing more than you and I "not" praying. I believe that is the one thing that he battles with us the most, is to render us prayer-less instead of full of prayer.  Do you need more ammunition? Prayer is the key that unlocks the throne-room where our greatest weapons of war are found. Not only that but the vast riches that the Father God has given us as our inheritance.

     I have been there and not been able to muster up a prayer, and at times struggle with not bringing every need before God. I can't preach to someone something I have not been through. I must confess I have been through many seasons where I did not pray, and the enemy wrecked havoc upon my life.

Saints, now is the time to take a stand and bow and kneel before the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob in humility and battle prayerfully.  I believe this is something that satan would like to blind our eyes to. "Prayer is the greatest weapon you can use in your Christian life."

Whether or not you realize it, you are in a spiritual war.  The only hearts that will not become casualties are those who are sold out to the King of Kings using our voices to intercede like never before.

I pray that God gives us hearts that are so intensely focused in that force-field of intercession that nothing can penetrate our hearts. I pray that you are so full of the Holy Spirit, that you cannot keep silent..."and the things of this world will go strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Be Still and Know...

If finding your purpose in life "clouds" your perspective on the here and now, I would have second thoughts about letting it consume your thoughts.. Do not let the enemy impair your focus. Do what you are doing right HERE and right NOW to the best of your ability... for God to get the glory in your life, and just try your best to forget about the rest. Focus on getting and keeping your heart right with God. If you die tomorrow, do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you have done all you know you are supposed to do? Have you found the peace in Christ that passes all understanding? I find that at times i am so focused on finding what I'm supposed to be doing and so called "fulfilling the call" on my life that I tend to forget the other things just as important. 

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalms 46:10

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Candle in The Night


     Jesus is the only candle that cannot be snuffed out. All other lights will wane and dimly flicker out...But He shines forever into all eternity, for His fiery flame will never be extinguished. It is inconceivable that He died on a cross and rose again to live in the heart of sinful man. Yet, in God's awesome loving kindness, His Spirit desires to abide in the dark depths of our soul.

     The very son of God illuminates through the night - piercing His holiness as a fire into our deepest hell .  We are never alone, He brings comfort to His weary ones. In our weakness, He is strong for Jesus is our all-consuming fire. Find your peace and solace in that this day. Your fire for God has not gone out.

     I believe our hearts do harden against God if we wander away in sin over time, but He will break and melt our hearts in His presence so that His grace and humility can shine brightly once again.  God our Father desires for us to experience all His glory in that fire.

The devil will try every angle to make us think that  the lasting flame of Christ Jesus is gone out forever.  If we are lead away by satan's lures, we will believe that Jesus is not in our hearts and souls, that He is not on the scene.  The enemy would like nothing else to make you think your a hopeless case with too much damage. He is a liar and the truth is not found in Him.

Let God's light shine bright upon you until His eternal flames consume you and burn up all sin. The enemy of our soul cannot touch God's anointed ones.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

200 posts around the corner in 2015!!

     It is really unbelievable that I  have been writing posts here at God's Zone since June 2012, and will soon hit the 200 post mark. It has become a amazing blessing that I haven't gave up on this blog along time ago. It is really a gift for me to be able to look back and see how I have shared my heart through writing. I really am encouraged today especially just because I am a child of God and I know that He will fulfill his purpose in me. When you are encouraged you know, you want to share it.  For it is truly a gift from the giver Jesus Christ. I hope I can encourage someone with that anointed uplifting that warms the soul. James, my friend and brother in Heaven you would be proud of me. We both started a blog at the same time in 2012. This time last year He went to be with Jesus.

God bless you and keep you close to His heart,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Short Message from Richard

     I think struggling through a mental illness my messages come across a bit strong. I hope I make the reader really think about His salvation experience in Jesus and realize that there is a battle that goes on 24/7 not only for your life, but I firmly believe for your soul as well. 

I have a heart for the back-sliders and prodigals in Christ to come to the truth and repent and  turn back drawing even closer to God. I also have a heart for the mentally challenged. I have come through so much crud mentally spiritually and emotionally. I have the inner scars to prove it. I am a work in progress and by far not arrived to perfection. Ha!

    I do appreciate all the people who take the time to read the posts. I pray that God leads people here that can be encouraged in their journey in Christ, no matter what you have been through.