Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Be Still and Know...

If finding your purpose in life "clouds" your perspective on the here and now, I would have second thoughts about letting it consume your thoughts.. Do not let the enemy impair your focus. Do what you are doing right HERE and right NOW to the best of your ability... for God to get the glory in your life, and just try your best to forget about the rest. Focus on getting and keeping your heart right with God. If you die tomorrow, do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you have done all you know you are supposed to do? Have you found the peace in Christ that passes all understanding? I find that at times i am so focused on finding what I'm supposed to be doing and so called "fulfilling the call" on my life that I tend to forget the other things just as important. 

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalms 46:10

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Candle in The Night


     Jesus is the only candle that cannot be snuffed out. All other lights will wane and dimly flicker out...But He shines forever into all eternity, for His fiery flame will never be extinguished. It is inconceivable that He died on a cross and rose again to live in the heart of sinful man. Yet, in God's awesome loving kindness, His Spirit desires to abide in the dark depths of our soul.

     The very son of God illuminates through the night - piercing His holiness as a fire into our deepest hell .  We are never alone, He brings comfort to His weary ones. In our weakness, He is strong for Jesus is our all-consuming fire. Find your peace and solace in that this day. Your fire for God has not gone out.

     I believe our hearts do harden against God if we wander away in sin over time, but He will break and melt our hearts in His presence so that His grace and humility can shine brightly once again.  God our Father desires for us to experience all His glory in that fire.

The devil will try every angle to make us think that  the lasting flame of Christ Jesus is gone out forever.  If we are lead away by satan's lures, we will believe that Jesus is not in our hearts and souls, that He is not on the scene.  The enemy would like nothing else to make you think your a hopeless case with too much damage. He is a liar and the truth is not found in Him.

Let God's light shine bright upon you until His eternal flames consume you and burn up all sin. The enemy of our soul cannot touch God's anointed ones.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

200 posts around the corner in 2015!!

     It is really unbelievable that I  have been writing posts here at God's Zone since June 2012, and will soon hit the 200 post mark. It has become a amazing blessing that I haven't gave up on this blog along time ago. It is really a gift for me to be able to look back and see how I have shared my heart through writing. I really am encouraged today especially just because I am a child of God and I know that He will fulfill his purpose in me. When you are encouraged you know, you want to share it.  For it is truly a gift from the giver Jesus Christ. I hope I can encourage someone with that anointed uplifting that warms the soul. James, my friend and brother in Heaven you would be proud of me. We both started a blog at the same time in 2012. This time last year He went to be with Jesus.

God bless you and keep you close to His heart,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Short Message from Richard

     I think struggling through a mental illness my messages come across a bit strong. I hope I make the reader really think about His salvation experience in Jesus and realize that there is a battle that goes on 24/7 not only for your life, but I firmly believe for your soul as well. 

I have a heart for the back-sliders and prodigals in Christ to come to the truth and repent and  turn back drawing even closer to God. I also have a heart for the mentally challenged. I have come through so much crud mentally spiritually and emotionally. I have the inner scars to prove it. I am a work in progress and by far not arrived to perfection. Ha!

    I do appreciate all the people who take the time to read the posts. I pray that God leads people here that can be encouraged in their journey in Christ, no matter what you have been through.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Don't Stop Believing...

     I believe that in life we get stopped by forces we don't see.  The invisible enemy of our soul has been defeated, but that does not mean that satan sits idly by.  No.  He will be making every attempt to block the saints to get us to "stop" and deny Jesus and to go our own way, playing our own game. The disciple Peter in the Bible also knew how it was to deny Jesus. He actually did it three times.  He stopped Peter in His tracks. But did you see Peter throw in the towel? The scriptures never said that Peter did not accomplish the work that God the Father would have him to do on this earth. On the contrary, Peter rose by the Spirit of the Lord to do great things.

     In actuality we have put ourselves on satan's "playing field" when we say we are going our own way.  He will try to act like the innocent bystander, accusing and blaming us for messing up the game by throwing balls of condemnation and fear and failure...

     I wonder how many of you reading this are riding the fence?  For if you think about it there is or was never a fence. You are actuality in satan's domain. You have to choose Jesus and give one hundred percent of your heart to him, because His way is more better than experiencing hell's benefits and that is nothing short of a eternity of torment.  Satan has not won any game.  Maybe its time for you to find a quiet place and get right with God...

    In fact, in the great baseball game of life, many have gone before us; Adam and Eve being the first batters that got outed. Many other faith filled saints of old have made it to  all the "bases" in life. Finally Jesus got up to bat with satan's team in the field.  With one pitch you could hear the hammer loudly hitting the nails that spiked the cross as it pieced the bruised skin of Jesus. You could see the blood splattering and running down His bruised body. With the enemy and his minions taunting him, Jesus breathed His last breath.  He went through all that not just to save your soul. The story does not stop there. The enemy of your soul is out to destroy you forever. Jesus rose again from the hell and the grave, His saving grace won the game.  Christianity is way much more than a baseball game.
It comes down to the matters of your heart.  It comes down to "keep moving" no matter what...

     No matter what the enemy does to make you stop serving God, do not stop serving Him with all your heart.   Don't give in and don't give up!   Resist the devil and He will flee! Rebuke him in faith and by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus!!   Standfirm in faith in Jesus, He is your strong armor...

    I don't want anyone to think im super spiritual just because I have a message on my heart that I felt like needed to be shared. I desire for all people to come to know the truth.   This is a real battle going on for your soul is at stake.

Be Blessed Soldier of God,
Richard Hicks

Monday, January 12, 2015

To whomever follows my blog posts...I have no idea who reads this....

     Several months ago I had a experience with God in that I thought that God had called me to be a prophet. I finally thought that God had answered my prayers. I thought I was in a church that would support my calling no matter what. Going through what I went through with the depression and just that time in my life, I felt like I disappointed not only the church but God too.

     Coming from the perspective of dealing with a mental illness, I fought long and hard with the issue and idea that I could be a prophet. For one thing, during one of my very traumatic breakdowns, I myself during that time thought of myself as a prophet.  The other thing is I am so very withdrawn and nonsocial, unless I'm talking to my wife, or in my support group where they literally make me talk.

     Saying all this, I have realized that I do not sense a release into this call or ministry. Unless God drastically changes my heart. I am 51 years old,  I am very tired and very weary in my heart. Do I feel like it is a gifting, yes I do. I have been used in this area of ministry of prophecieing encouragment to people in the body of Christ at different times in my Christian walk.

     I really believe that writing is my call, and I know that it is reaching to people. It may never make headline news...or be a best seller....LOL.. probably not!  But it is in my book, my way to releasing the giftings God has graciously bestowed within my heart.

BLessngs and Maranatha,

Brother Rich

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Calling Out To God

    Even when it seems that the road you are traveling on is turning into a hell fire, there is always a alternate route, they will be times when you must "call out" to God for help. He will direct you and guide you in a most supernatural way. when it seems the end is near and you are ready to throw up that white flag, God sends His reinforcements! Hallelujah!!

     I am a quiet person but you know what?  When I really need Him, you better believe I am crying out to him.  I have been down too many dark detours with no life or light in sight!! Just because you are going through a dark time doesn't mean you are on the wrong road. God just wants to show up during those low times, and He does. He always had a way out, a escape hatch. Sometimes you just have to trust him and JUMP!!  

     He will always show out, he is so ready to pick you up and hold you in his arms. He is ready to bandage those cutting words that wounded your very soul!! He is going to take good care of you.

      We live in a fallen world, and we are going to fall we are going to get hurt, and put up our walls of defense.... The whole purpose is to get up and keep moving no matter what. 

     Someone in therapy doesn't  just recover in one day, it will take time to get back up....just keep moving in the moment with God. He will never leave you nor forsake you!!

     We must cry out to Him with all our hearts. He will rush his warring and ministering angels to our aide. 

     Sometimes we just have to get loud, sometimes we have to break out of our shell and the walls that has surrounded us, and get into that place in our home, or wherever where we can really call out to God for help.