All Things

I was reminded of a scripture this morning as I was meditating on the Lord and that is Romans 8:28--and we know that all things work together for good to those love God and are called according to his purpose.  Did you get that? Not some things some of the time, but "all things" all the time!  Some are those "things" are not always good, they are bad things as well.  From financial depletion to divorce to death you name it.   Why do bad things happen to good people who love God and are called according to his purpose?  I can tell you this much all those  things - good and bad- work together. God has ordained those things that for our own good. Those bad things work together with the good things?  Yes!
Why?  Because we know. we learn to trust God we learn to obey and believe in God's promises. We learn to depend and trust on his word when we don't have anything else we can hold onto.
Father I submit to you this day. Fill  me with Your Holy Spirit and help me t…

Jesus knows my Heart.

Everything is telling me to back off and get back under my rock. I feel broke, hurt, despised and rejected.  I haven't made myself this vulnerable in a very long time.  I took the risk, I took the plunge, and will never be the same again.  I take a hold of that rope of hope once more who is it but a wretch like me.
I bear the heaviness of my cross as I walk that mile up Calvary's hill.   I hear them yelling "Crucify Him!"  I feel their spit and their spite.   
Then I am plunged in the hot air  I feel the painful strains of my flesh being torn apart,  as my cross is put on that hill  I bow my head in shame...  
I want to live yet I yearn to die that cross has laid me bare.  Yet I know those all-consuming words,  "Forgive them they not know what they do." It is finished it is done why do I feel forsaken.
For those I love I was made a curse,  and hung upon that tree.... not spared but die in the darkness for all the world to see.
That dark and empty tomb I was buried no one knew…

God has called me out...

When I was growing up, I went to church on a regular basis. I was going through all the right motions, but I did not have a true relationship with Jesus Christ until I was 18 years old.  
     These days I rarely attend church. I really do not think God holds that against me, I think He understands why. I know He desires a close relationship with me more than following worldly religious rituals. He desires me to come and sit at his feet and just be with Him soaking in His Spirit.  
     I pray that God leads me back into the church some day, but I am going to have to really be compelled in my spirit to go.  I do not feel left out of the body of Christ like I did the early years I struggled to stay in church and did go...
     This is just where I am in my walk with Christ right now.  I know that as His Spirit leads me; as He teaches me to lean on Him even more that He will lead me back. But right now I am waiting on Him to guide me into the right direction. There is a right direction…

Are You in the enemies "Strong-hold?"

It would be nice if God had a magic wand. But He doesn't. From the day of our birth, until the day we die we will have to deal with reality that sinfulness is all around us.  This world is full of temptations and trials. I was thinking this morning about strongholds in our life. I am here to tell you there is no such thing as a innocent sin.  That is a lie of the devil....SIN is SIN in the eyes of God.  A shop lifter started out stealing one item and got away with it. It could have started with a alluring ink pen that someone else owned. Stealing is not only a sin but it is against the law. If you are caught on many occasions i would venture to say you would go to jail.

     All these so called innocent sins can lead us into a vicious cycle if we don't catch it before it gets worse. If we don't watch it, that sin will lead us into a stronghold of the devil. You might say a stronghold is just what it says, "The devil has us in a strong-hold and is not letting go!" …

Sitting in His Presence...

When it seems that you are hitting a brick wall, that is the time to seek God.   Come into a attitude of worship and just be still in His Presence.  At times that is all it will take, and allow the sweetness of his grace to touch your heart.    

     He wants to break our walls down, and touch us intimately if we will allow Him to do that.

     Be very sensitive to His Holy Spirit, soak in his love and peace -- bringing healing into a fragmented mind. 
     We don't always have to be talking or get hyped up to experience Gods manifest presence. He just wants to be with us in the worshipful quietness of the morning air. 
     He wants us to get to know His Presence in a upfront way... intimate and personal.  
     I believe God does get quiet, and then we wonder why isn't He talking? He just wants to be near to us and keep us company. He desires to sit on the throne of our hearts.
     What is a attitude of worship? God is at the center of our worshiping heart.  I believe our mi…

Soldier Song

There I was afraid of the dark,
it was there that I saw, 
the way I was not.
I'm leaving it all behind
leaving it all behind

When the race is all but run
and you fall before the Son
He picks you up and puts you back in place
You are His soldier and He is your  grace
Jesus is our victory
the rock of our salvation
He is the cornerstone for you and me
So pick up your pieces and be strong,
You're a soldier of the King
Now I am royalty
not a common man as others see
a priest of the most High God
Priest of the most High God
Come and bow before His throne
Seek His glory and not your own
Jesus is our victory
the rock of all salvation
cornerstone for you and me
so pick up your pieces and be strong
your a soldier of the King,
a soldier of the King!

I can do all things...

When the weight of this world is heavy on your shoulders
and the things of this life are too hard to handle
Take a look at His Word
Don't say, "I can't"
as God as your witness He will make you strong to take the test

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
I can take all things that this world throws at me
with God as my witness I will stand faithfully
If I trust in His word then Christ will strengthen me
So, you think you got chains on  your feet
Do not just stand there
Stand up and shout because you are free
to take a look at his word
Dont say, "I can't"
With God as your witness He will make you strong to take the test
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
I can take all things that the world throws at me
As God as my witness I will stand faithfully
If I trust in His Word then Christ will strengthen me.

His Light is My Life

He was my light in the darkness when the night would never end
I keep my eyes on Jesus, my master, savior and friend
But then I remembered the night how dark before Jesus came
just before the dawn
He arose,
Yes Jesus,
He is my light
He arose inside of me and put the darkness
out like a light
He arose inside me as Jesus the light
His light is my life
He died on a cross between two thieves
then put in a tomb so all could see
a death no pardon
  or cries of sympathy
then He arose
the Holy Spirit is in me

He arose, yes Jesus
is my light
He arose inside me, and put the darkness
out like a light
He arose inside me as Jesus my light
His light is my life
His light, it is my life...

Prayer Request

I usually do not do this a whole lot on my blog, but I am asking for prayer. I am struggling with depression and right now it is winning. I do not know quite why I am depressed, It seems to be like a gloom cloud hanging over me.  It is affecting my writing as well. How can I write a encouraging word, when I need encouragment as well?  Please keep me in your prayers.

Thanks Alot, Richard