Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting Back on Track...

     Here in the last several weeks, I have lacked the inspiration to write for several reasons that have caused me to experience a certain amount of lethargy. I did not know what was going on until the Lord spoke the word in my heart, then I really knew when I looked it up in the dictionary that this was what I was experiencing.

     It seems like here lately I was going through the motions but lacking the motivation for pursuing spiritual things that would cause me to be uplifted and give me the victory in Jesus to make it through this tough time. I believe I have fell victim to the flesh. That is not a good thing for me as it can lead me to depression and anxiety as other pitfalls that could be disastrous to my well-being. There is much more to lethargy than laziness. It's a lack of zeal and energy to do those things God has called you to do. 

     I know in my spirit-man, I always have a strength in God that encourages me to press on through the muck and mire and find that powerful deliverance that only comes by abiding the Presence of the Lord, and that is where we all need to find shelter in God. He should be "living inside" our hearts, flowing out to those we come in contact with through our day as a witness and manifestation of His grace only by the Mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

     Lethargy in my book is not getting the proper rest. Instead of dwelling in the shadow of the almighty we are in fact being lulled into a web of laziness by the enemy. I call it barely existing through the day, not caring, nor having a passion for God.  Just when we are making strides in God's kingdom, something always comes up to snare us and lure us to walk in our fleshly nature. As a Spirit-filled Christian we have an obligation to be clothed and operate in the Spirit realm while living in this mortal body.

    In our flesh or when we get in the flesh, it causes us to get our feelings in the way, and a lot of the times that is when we get offended and easily hurt. I can remember times in my past when I have walked in the flesh. I only made it tougher on Richard, not anyone else.  We do need to reach out and touch God, then He will reach out to us in His power and might restoring  and delivering us from the hand of the enemy. Still we cannot trust the flesh, but lean wholly upon Jesus Christ.

     We must crucify the flesh everyday. It's a every second of every minute awareness that things cannot go our way all the time. This is for every Christian not for a select few.  The word says that all have sinned.  We all have to crucify our flesh, for there is no righteousness apart from God in all our doings.  Our selfishness must be nailed to the His Spirit we can live a resurrected lifestyle. Is it going to be easy? No. It will be worth it in the long run to stay plugged into God and what He is doing in the church today.

     I have even toned down quite a bit on my Facebook time. If God has put me on Facebook to share his message I should not let anyone or anything detour me from spreading the message of hope and grace that is in my heart.  If people un-friend me that is there business, not mine. I believe God has put me to be a minister the "Light of Christ" to internet friends, classmates, and family.  I should not have to hide my beliefs and convictions from them, but if they feel as if my "likes" and "shares" are annoying then anyone can unfriend me at anytime. I allow God to lead me not man, and I believe He is planting his seeds of hope and encouragement through yes, even Facebook...

     Maybe you too have been experiencing lethargy that are keeping you from using spiritual gifts and talents for the Lord... I encourage you to stand firm in what God has called you to do, relying and standing on His Word, so be uplifted in the name of Jesus. I pray that your spirit-man will rise up and snuff out that lethargy at the root, and to be all that God has called you to be.  Don't allow man or even the things of this world to make you lose your perspective.  

"Jesus be Jesus in me, No longer me Lord but Thee. Resurrection power fill me this hour...Jesus be Jesus in me!"

Be Blessed,

Romans 8


Anonymous said...

Richard, This is excellent, inspirational writing. When you blog from your heart you are such an encourager. Thank you for your honest sharing and encouraging me in my faith with the Lord. Your blogging is where you shine! I am sorry that you are getting folks snubbing you for your Facebook posts. Just remember Jesus said that we would suffer as Hiss followers because He suffered for a student is not greater than the teacher. Blessings, Lish PS: Love the raindrop background-perfect choice for this particular blog, Lish

Richard Hicks said...

Hi Alicia, according to my blog statistics there are very little people from facebook reading my blog. I spend way to much time on facebook anyway, and will be honing down on that time. Noone has really snubbed my writings. I just wanted to make that clear, I guess it did not come across right on my blog. Peace to all, Rich