Friday, June 20, 2014

A Memorial to Prophet George Pennicuff

     This is the first sleepless night I have had in quiet a while. Seems like this is the only serene time that I get inspiration from God, and sense Him wanting me to write....I had another great internet friend pass away. I heard from George Pennicuff's wife Mariver early yesterday morning through Facebook message that he had went on the be with the Lord. I have been saddened and in shock. When I get this kind of news it takes a while for it to sink in.

     This morning I am sensing the loss of this great man of faith that God brought into my life for a season such as this... I really looked up to George and our talks.  I have gleaned from this prophet of God's words since 1999.  He didn't gloss over the gospel, He gave it to you straight from God's mouth.

     George was very much overlooked in the body of Christ. But He was true and stuck to his calling to the end. He stood alone, but yet He stood, and He stood-firm to the very end. I know He loved the Lord Jesus and right now, I can only imagine the talks He is having with Jesus! Jesus please tell George that I am thinking of him right now. Tell him that his life spoke volumes to me, and I pray that when I pass over into glory, that I can say of my life that I did all I could to stand on that mountain proclaiming the words of God!

I will miss you on the internet George, I know that you seeked sincere friendships just like I do.

     When I meet and become true Christian friends with someone there is a spiritual connection, and a special kinship that should be treasured.  All too often though we pull away, but true friends stick close.

      I know that George is experiencing glory we cant even fathom...Blessings on you brother til that day we meet again in glory.

~bro rich

This song was playing on my phone this morning when I first heard the news of brother George.   I pray that you sense the nearness of God in this song...



Prophet Pennicuff said...

Thank you brother, I really cried when I saw your post...thank you for being a good friend of George.I know he is watching us now together with our's hard to loose a loveone but im now also happy because I know he is in the throne of God,happy.. no pain.. no worries..and I'm looking forward to be with him and with the Lord as my time comes.. Thank you brother.. Keep it up. Godbless!

Richard Hicks said...

It is still tough for me to believe that He is gone. I didnt get over to George teachings on youtube like I should have. I know He is in a much better place. Mariver I pray that God will give you great comfort in His Holy Spirit. We will always remember George's humble and gracious spirit. He will always be in our hearts. and one day we will be with Jesus as well, as we celebrate with love ones around God's great throne! Maranatha, dear sister!

Mary said...

I just found George yesterday. His messages bless me so. I feel sad I didn't find him before he passed to tell him that. I can only pass on his messages. I'm sure he would have wanted that.

sandradee said...

Tonight is the first time that I have ever heard of George. I went onto his site and was stuck by this great man of God. What love and what insight he had. His wife is struggling to pay the hospital bills and if anyone can help please do so. "when did I give you a cup of water Lord?"