Sunday, July 20, 2014

What are You Focusing on?

     I am far from being a pastor. But when I originally started this blog, it was my heart's desire for it to be a way I could express what God was putting on my heart to share. My blog in its own earthly way may be the only pulpit I will probably ever have in this life.

     In the course of this blog's creation since 2012, I have lost my perspective and what is really important. That is to share what I feel like God is showing me to build up and encourage other believers who are downcast and despondent.  To give courage with what I have been through that I may be able to reach out and help someone else in the process of my writing from the inspiration of God.

     I know that "losing our perspective" can happen to the best of us.  We lose sight of what really matters.  We can go through a "bad experience" and quit doing what God would have us do. The thing about being called by God is He doesn't let you go that easy.  He requires us to dig deep into our hearts and find Him! His vast treasures of His grace lies with in us, and not out in some far away universe light years away from us, but right within our hearts!

     I am here to tell you that this blog is far from being shut down or deleted. No matter what happens to me tomorrow or next year. what I have written is already published here on the net and more than likely will be by those who need to read it.  Whether I write a best seller or not, is not really important in the grand scheme of things, but writing down what God wants me to say is my whole purpose of this blog.

     So what do you do when you really want to change your perspective?  Our priorities are closely related to our perspective. Our focus is important and finally our true motives test them all.

     I really believe that when our priorities are out of line that causes us to lose our focus. What we are focusing is the wrong priority.  Our motives should be God-centered. I believe that will effect our priorities. If we love Him it will be to honor him as our first priority.  I believe there is the domino effect right there. 

     I have had to dig deep and check my motives, and the Lord has been gracious enough to show me this tonight as I have set at the computer. My motives were not God-honoring. It affected my priorities and my focus and my attitude...

     Father help those out there who may have lost sight of their priorities. Help them to honor you with all their hearts. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Psalms 139:23-24


speaking off the wall said...

God bless you, I really appreciated your honesty and openness. Keep allowing God to use you. Bro. Darrell

Richard Hicks said...

Thanks Bro Darrell!